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Cindy Grossman, FL

Luke and his program are great!!
The app is so easy to use and I love that the exercises are always
changing. The app keeps track of
what you are doing so you can
always look and see as well. Luke is so nice and he genuinely cares
about making you feel better and
keeping up with your progress!

Nikki Hollis, MI

We've been working on my back sometimes in person, sometimes on zoom - it works great either way. I ended up signing up for this 5k tough mudder thinking "okay, this might set me back" I was kind of nervous about it, but we trained up until that point and I woke up the next day completely surprised - no pain at all. All the work we've had done was really helpful. 10/10 would recommend.

Kelly Bellisle, FL

I came to you with a low back and hip issue that had been bugging me for about a year and a half, you said you could help me, you took me very seriously. And here we are after many momths. My back is basically 100% from where we started. My hip, I still have a little tweak in there, but i consider it about 95% improved. You were true to your word, you said you could help me and you did
Image by Heidi Erickson

Making Fitness Fun, Functional and Safe

Train with a Certified Personal Trainer

At Elemental Movement we take a highly personalized approach to helping our clients attain their goals. No two people are the same, and so no two approaches are the same. Everything from childhood injuries, to past sports experience, favorite hobbies, and occupation is factored in to make for a well crafted fitness journey. We also recognize that everyone has their own preference on how they like to pursue their fitness journey! We offer in home personal training (we come to you!) online personal training, and custom plans for you to follow on your own, in the gym or at home.


Not convinced? Try a session for free!


Train in person, or virtually!

Exercising at Home

In Person Training

Premium personal training from your home - we come to you with all necessary equipment!


Online Training

Train remotely anywhere in the world! No equipment needed, just a reasonably open space, an internet connection, and Zoom account.

Online Fitness Class
Yoga Mats

Some Of Our Specialties

  • Strength Training for Lumbar Health

  • Strength Training for Shoulder Health

  • Strength training for Knee Health

  • Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning

  • Weight Loss

  • Injury Prevention

  • Balance Training

  • Body Awareness

Contact Me

  • 1145 Woodmere Ave, Traverse City, MI,

  • Kiscelli 18 utca, Budapest, Hungary

Cellphone: 941-779-7336

Thank you, I'll be in touch!

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